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Introduction to Aloe Finesse

Our aim and mission is to combine the goodness of the Aloe Ferox Plant in to one formulation.

Containing both the bitter and non-bitter fractions of the plant in all our formulation, means that the results achieved are instant and lasting.

Difference between Aloe Ferox & Aloe Vera:

Contains double the amount of amino acids which are important for healthy skin.

Holds 20x more Bitter Sap, containing Aloin.

Ingenious to South Africa - Has not been cultivated.

Harvesting of the Aloe Ferox Plant:

Still performing the traditional method of harvesting the Aloe Ferox leaves.

Aloe plant is NOT damaged or killed during harvesting.

Aloe Ferox plants we use for our products are still harvested in the wild.

NO chemical fertilizers or pesticides exposure.

African Cape Aloe is NOT endangered.

Aloe Finesse consist of THREE Ranges:

Aloe Finesse Skin & Body


Benefits of Aloe Finesse:

Wounds, Bruises, Moisturizing, Insect Bites, Ringworm, Nourishing, Athletes Foot, Pigmentation, Tapeworm, Blue Bottle Stings, Anti-Septic, Psoriasis, Roundworm, Sunburn, Burns, Cold Sores,

Sun Protection, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Scarring, Healing, Boils, Hydrating, Acne, Frost Bite, Dry Skin, Improves Skin Elasticity, Eczema, Accelerates production of Collagen.

Aloe Finesse Flawless

Benefits of Aloe Finesse Flawless:​

Lines, Wrinkles, Hyper pigmentation, Dark Spots, Blockages, Sensitivity, Premature Ageing, Acne Scarring. Our Flawless Products, doesn't contain Aloe, only our UV Defense gel. This very specialized range contains only the purest, green, active ingredients to ensure quick and lasting results.

Ironvan By Aloe Finesse - Men's Grooming

Benefits of Ironvan By Aloe Finesse Range​:

Men want to take a shower, and in one simple movement clean yourself from head to toe

They prefer a shaving meduim that ensures a clean shave with no rashes, irritation or weird smells. 

An Aftershave Gel must do the same, it must act as a moisturizer and  anti ageing gel leaving a cooling, calming sensation on your skin. Then there is the whole blackhead thing, beard thing and ingrown hair thing. Ironvan has taken all these concerns into consideration and formulated an entire self care range suitable for all men.

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